Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are print and play (PnP) games?

Print & Play (PnP) games have rules and components that can be downloaded in a digital format - most often as a PDF, image (i.e. JPG), or document (i.e. DOCX). Once the files are downloaded, players can print and cut out the components themselves. At times, PnP games will require non-printable components, such as dice and game tokens, that players will need to provide themselves.

How do I make print and play games?

Once the game files are downloaded, you will need to print out the game components, cut them out, and assemble the game. Check out the Workshop section of this website for tools and tips on how to craft your games.

Where do I find print and play games?

If you're asking this question, you've come to the right place! Clicking on a game cover on the PnP Paradise Projects page will bring up additional details about the game, as well as any links for the game's files.

PnP Paradise focuses on free print and play games. Other websites, such as PNP Arcade, host print and play games that you can purchase.

What is the League of Designers?

The League of Designers badge is displayed on print & play games whose designer(s) have generously contributed to the growth of this website. By highlighting these projects, PnP Paradise aims to foster the creation and development of exciting new games for the print & play community. If you are a designer with a game to share, please contact PnP Paradise to upload your game to our growing print & play collection!