Black Rune Games (Playtesters Needed)

A collection of 3 games -

2 Cards 1 Hand: Micro TCG

Outer Multiverse Wrestling: 1v1 Miniatures War Game

Quacross: Abstract Strategy

Help to improve these 3 Work-in-Progress games by playtesting and submitting feedback. In need of playtesting? Contact PnP Paradise to add your game to the Playtest Portal!

Game(s) Designer: Joshua Nyeste

Playtest Feedback Needed - Black Rune Games

This is a collection of 3 games developed by Black Rune Games that currently need playtesting.

Description from the designer (Joshua Nyeste):

2 Cards 1 Hand is a micro TCG. It's intended to play quickly (a theme in my designs) but scratch the itch of a larger game like Magic: The Gathering. 

Outer Multiverse Wrestling is a 1v1 miniatures war game. The main design goal was to have a fully featured war game with the fewest components possible.

Quacross is hopefully one of those "quick to learn, difficult to master" abstract strategy games. It's a classic 4x4 grid, with its own set of rules.