Rokumon (Playtesters Needed)

Number of Players: Solo - 2

Game Time: 5 minutes

Components: 9 six-sided dice; 7 poker cards

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Game Designer: Charles Ward

  • Artwork by Andres Agostini

Playtest Feedback Needed - Rokumon

ROKUMON is a short abstract strategy game for 2 players in which you are trying to get 3 of your die in a row or stack. The game has depth despite the simple rules and a quick play time. On your turn you may set a new die or move a die already in play. When you move you must move from one colour card to another. You can cover a die if there is one there, but not 2 unless they are both yours. On your turn you can also reposition a card thus changing the board, or compare the dice on a card, the lower value die is returned to the supply. You win if your opponent can't move, you get 3 in a row, or a stack of 3.

Originally named Tantra, the game was re-themed to fit the local historical figure of Sanada Yukimura. Sanada and his 2000 men were victorious against the 38000 strong Tokugawa forces, at the Siege of Ueda in 1600. This disparity in numbers is represented in Rokumon as the first player, Sanada, has 4 die, and the second player, Tokugawa, has 5. Rokumon is the name of Sanada's family crest which is made up of 6 coins with a square hole.

Rokumon (playtesters needed)