Survival Season (Playtesters Needed)

Number of Players: 2-6

Game Time: 90-120 minutes

Components: Digital Version (Tabletop Simulator)

Playtest Discussion

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Game Designer: Ben Morayta

Playtest Feedback Needed - Survival Season

In Survival Season, you play as an animal species with the goal of thriving by successfully growing the most individuals, while keeping them alive and well throughout 2½ years.

To achieve your goal, you must understand the particular aspects of your species... and hope for good weather!

You start the game with just a few animals and must reproduce to gain more. Each individual is represented by a meeple on the main board, while its health and other aspects are kept on a species board.

Gather resources (food) by moving on the main board to areas that contain food tokens, which are constantly changing in position and numbers. Acquire traits to improve your chances of survival and gain strategic advantages. Food is used to improve health, reproduce, mature and move, but if nothing else, it can be exchanged for victory points.

You must, however, avoid encountering the many Hazards that also move around the board, as they will hurt your individuals, or potentially kill them.

Caves, trees and water are safe havens, where Hazards can’t enter, but while an individual is in one of these shelters, it cannot feed, and will go hungry, so be smart on when you really need to rest or hide.

Every living individual will give you victory points. Healthy individuals will bring even more. These, added to the points gained during the game through different actions, will determine the winner at the end.

Survival Season (playtesters needed)