Don't Let it Die

Number of Players: Solo - 4

Game Time: 45-90 minutes

Components: Various (refer to rulebook)

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Lightning strikes a nearby tree. Fire! Your group of Neanderthals must now endure Mother Nature and work together to keep the fire going long enough to learn its mysterious powers and destructive capabilities. You have 14 days to uncover its secrets before a massive flood drowns the valley and extinguishes humanity’s one chance at becoming the apex predator and escaping extinction.

Don't Let It Die is a cooperative survival game based on early humanity's struggles to cement their place at the top of the food chain. You will gather resources & food, fight deadly predators, and learn the mysteries of fire. Your task is a difficult one, but no matter what happens, remember: you and the fire must survive...

Your tribe consists of 4 characters, all taking turns to search for resources, fight off dangerous animals, unlock new discoveries, and working together to keep the fire alive!

Designed from the ground up to offer a re-playable, interactive, strategic cooperative experience for 1-4 players. The key to victory lies in your group's ability to adapt to the ever-present and always changing threats of prehistoric life. Should you focus on hunting and foraging to feed your starving tribe? Or should you be more concerned with supplying the dwindling fire with more wood? Perhaps constructing a weapon or tool might ease the stress of gathering resources...

These choices and more await you in what will surely be the ultimate test of survival.

Image Credit: Dustin Hendrickson (game designer)