Grease Monkey Garage

Number of Players: 2-4

Game Time: 30-45 minutes

Components: 47 cards, 56 tokens, 14 standees

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Free Print and Play - Grease Monkey Garage

In Grease Monkey Garage, you are shift managers in a busy auto repair shop trying to fix your customer’s cars as fast as possible. Sound like something you can handle? Beware of the challenging thematic events that will slightly alter the rules for each round and might throw you off course. Take shifts, managing limited resources, while trying to gain a better reputation than your competitors.

Grease Monkey Garage is a family-friendly shared worker placement game. Move your Specialists and the commonly shared workers between the locations to gain vehicles for repair, new resources or to trade parts required to fix the cars. Once you have fixed a car, return it to the happy customer and gain victory points. Each round a new Event Card will be revealed, altering the game rules with positive effects or penalties to cope with. Adjust your strategy accordingly and become the manager with the best reputation after returning 6 cars to customers. A secret bonus card will reward you with extra points for a specific type and color of cars fixed.

Key Features of Grease Monkey Garage:

- beautifully designed components with retro charm

- manage shared workers on a modular board

- hire Specialists only you can control

- manage the shop's limited resources

- counter other players and manage unforeseen events

Image Credit: Daniel Theuerkaufer