Skirmish Tactics Apocalypse

Number of Players: 2-4

Game Time: 45-60 minutes

Components: Various (refer to rulebook)

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Skirmish Tactics Apocalypse (STA) is a two player dice-based skirmish-level tabletop game set in a post-apocalyptic near future.

There are two ways to play STA: skirmishes and campaigns. Skirmishes are standalone games played for a single victory, with no lasting repercussions. Campaigns are a series of skirmishes. In campaigns, players begin with a squad of recruit characters.

The game board for STA is built from modular tiles which are themed to represent different environments. The default game board is a destroyed urban setting. Players build the game board with nine modular tiles, each of which are divided into a 7x7 grid. Characters use the grids for movement.

STA is a scenario driven game. Each scenario typically has multiple objectives, and combat between factions is usually a secondary or tertiary objective. Players win skirmishes in STA by gaining victory points through accomplishing these objectives.

Each character in STA is represented by a token and has a corresponding character card. During campaign play, characters improve their attributes and develop new abilities as they progress from Recruit to Veteran and then Elite status.

Players control characters from one of the game’s six factions. The Combine and Marauders are part of the core game; the other four factions can be integrated seamlessly.

  • Combine: The Combine is the military arm of the government that rules over much of what is left of the world.

  • Echo: Echo is a faction lead by a secretive cabal of humans with psychic powers.

  • Erthen: Erthen are a biologically developed race formed from a mixture of human, mineral, and organic matter.

  • Marauders: The Marauders are a loose-knit band of human rebels who specialize in guerrilla warfare.

  • Order of the New Dawn: The Order of the New Dawn are creatures from the strange subterranean realm known as the Basement.

  • Soldiers of Light: The Soldiers of Light are humans who believe the fall of mankind was brought about due to a dependence on technology.

Image Credit: David Thompson (game designer)