Top Tale: Get to Know Your Fellow Human (Demo)

Number of Players: 4-10

Game Time: 30+ minutes

Components: 25 cards

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Free Print and Play - Top Tale: Get to Know Your Fellow Human

*NOTE: The print & play is a demo of the full game, which will be available through Kickstarter in the Summer of 2020.

The card game, TOP TALE, is a new type of game that takes the process of getting to know your fellow human and makes it a fun, often insightful, experience. The game is meant to appeal to just about anyone from any background, and can be used as an ice breaker or as a tool to get people to open up.

TOP TALE consists of a deck of cards where each card has a topic on it. Along with each topic, there's a caption that is meant to spark ideas for responses to the topic, or in many cases the caption is just meant to get a chuckle out of the players to help lighten to mood. Topics are things like, "Your Worst Day at School" - where each person is expected to recount their worst day at school story. The game has some hidden strategies, where it's not always about what stories are told, but sometimes how entertaining they are when told.

At the end of each round of game play, each player votes for their favorite response without voting on their own, and the person with the most votes wins the round. If there's a tie, then you have a tiebreaker round between those that tied, responding to a new topic card. The game continues until you hit a predetermined number of cards, or you all call it quits.

Image Credit: Peter Seiler (game designer)

Image Credit: Peter Seiler (game designer)