Bad Guy Nonsense

Number of Players: 2-4

Game Time: 20 minutes

Components: 64 cards

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An unspeakable monster has unleashed a wave of dark Nonsense matter across the cosmos... infecting countless life forms with a Nonsense plague. As a member of the Bounty Hunter collective, you must compete to capture the infected. But be wary of burglars, bandits, heroes, and the cosmic Witch along the way... they're infected too.

Bad Guy Nonsense is a unique strategic card game where you compete to capture fantastical bad guys. It features wild pop culture rich artwork on large oversized glossy linen cards making it unlike anything else that has come before. You'll need all your wits and gaming skills to employ bounty hunters, bandits, burglars, heroes, monsters, and a witch to capture high value bad guy targets. Battle your opponent to steal their captures while defending your own.

Image Credit: Marc Rienzo (game designer)