Bargain Basement Bathysphere

Number of Players: Solo

Game Time: 10-15 minutes

Components: 8 six-sided dice, pencil, game sheets

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Free Print and Play - Bargain Basement Bathysphere

You have recently become the owners of the leakiest bathysphere this side of Beachside Bay, but that doesn't stop your sense of adventure when it comes to exploring the depths! Well, unless you don't make it back to the surface....

Bargain Basement Bathysphere, designed for the 2018 solitaire print-and-play contest on BGG, is a campaign-styled roll-and-write game with legacy elements; the game becomes more complex as you work your way through the maps. It's designed to be a "no build" game (at least initially), so once you print out the pages you can immediately jump in and play — but try not to look ahead!

Image Credit: Mike Vande Ven Jr.