Roboderby: Express

Number of Players: 2

Game Time: 45 minutes

Components: 2 six-sided dice, 20 custom dice, player mats, game board tiles

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Free Print and Play - Roboderby: Express

You are a bored supercomputer, and -- without anything better to do -- you and your fellow supercomputers are racing underling worker robots around the factory floor. You must program the robots with movement instructions in order to navigate them and be the first to make it back to the finish line.

Beware -- there are many hazards on the factory floor, not the least of which are your opponents! You will need more than pure speed as you use your wits to block, push, and zap your opponents (while doing your best to foil their attempts to do the same). As you take damage, it will become more difficult to pilot your robot. But never fear -- it’s your goal to claim victory at all costs!

This game seeks to be a slimmed down PnP version of RoboRally, craftable with a small set of sticker dice and playable with 2 players in under 45 minutes.

This game was designed by Clinton Herron (HanClinto) for the One Full-sheet Label PnP Contest.

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Image Credit: Melody (sunshiny on BGG)