Bots Up

Number of Players: 2-5

Game Time: 10-40 minutes

Components: 124 cards, 48 tokens

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Free Print and Play - Bots Up

Bots Up is a fast paced card game, best played between 2-5 players of any age. This is a last man standing game, where players build bots out of spare parts and the battle them until a winner is crowned.

The bot parts each have different health totals so the aim is to build the strongest bot possible. In the battle phase players use battle cards to damage each others bots, strengthen their parts and wreak havoc on the opponents. Battle cards come in 3 varieties; Action (play up to 2 per turn), Anytime (play at will) and Instant (play immediately).

Powerplay cards are all Instant play cards. These powerful game changers can be good or bad but can make for a perfect hail mary play if you're falling behind in battle.

The last remaining player with a live bot part wins the game.

Image Credit: Matt Parrish