Dungeon Bounty

Number of Players: Solo - 2

Game Time: 5-20 minutes

Components: 2 standard decks of poker cards (1 deck for solo), 2 mats, 1 token, 1 score chart

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"The once profitable mines of Altair have become overrun with the most sinister of beasts. Miners, knights, and sell-swords have all fallen at the claws of these foul creatures. With the Kingdom of Yule already on the verge of bankruptcy, the King cannot afford to lose control of these mines. No amount of death can stop his desire to retain his power.Lucky for you, your reputation as a Bounty Hunter has earned you a chance to prove your worth. Capturing criminals has been easy, surely your unique skill set will transfer to killing beasts. The King is willing to empty the last of the kingdom's coffers for the heads of these creatures. Will you fall amongst the treasure and corpses of the cavern or slay your enemies to claim your due glory?"

Dungeon Bounty is a fast paced hand management game designed to be played with a single standard deck of playing cards. On each turn, players flip two cards from the deck (dungeon). If the cards are a 1-10 of clubs (weapons), diamonds (gemstones), or spades (spells), the player chooses one to add to their play area. Face cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) are the bounties, the creatures you are hunting, and when they pop up as one of the two drawn cards from the dungeon, you need to defeat them using your attack power from weapons and spells. The more bounties you collect, the higher your score.

If you are unable to defeat a monster, they do damage to you, reducing your strength, which is represented by the 1-10 of hearts. If you are at 1 strength and are damaged by an enemy, you lose. If you manage to stay alive, the game ends after two trips through the dungeon. After you've depleted the deck the first time, you shuffle the discard pile and play through the deck a second time. Compare your score to the scoring guide and see your destiny.

With social distancing in mind, this game was designed to be played solo, versus or co-op in a video conferencing setting. Miss your buddies? Call them up as we attempt to bring back game night.

Image Credit: Theo Peters (Game Designer)