Number of Players: 2

Game Time: 15-30 minutes

Components: 54 cards, 6 paper clips

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Free Print and Play - Gunfighter

Gunfighter is a two player non-collectible card game set in the American Old West.


  • Each player equips action cards at the beginning of the showdown. These actions range from stylish shooting and dodging sequences to taunting or even instilling fear in the opponent.

  • During each turn, both players choose one action card to play at the same time. Players must focus on three goals: maintain accuracy and bullet reserves, successfully land shots on the enemy, and avoid the enemy's shots.

  • Last player standing wins the duel.


  • Lightweight - Travel-sized card game that can be played with minimal tabletop space.

  • Quick - 1 minute to set up and around 15-30 mins to play. Zero downtime and full player engagement throughout.

  • Strategic - Simple to learn, but packed with thought-provoking choices, mind games, and tense "finger on the trigger" moments.

  • Highly replayable - Numerous card interactions and individual playstyles result in countless opportunities for players to outwit their opponents.

Image Credit: Francis Rakotoarison

Low ink cards - Image Credit: Patryk Pszczółka