Rest in Peace: The Asylum

Number of Players: Solo

Game Time: 10-20 minutes

Components: 1 board, 14 square tokens, 5 round tokens, 5 pentagonal tokens, 14 six-sided dice, 3 misc. tokens

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Free Print and Play - Rest in Peace: The Asylum

The ruins of the old Orphan Asylum have mouldered on the hill outside town for as long as anyone can remember. But tales of the foul deeds once performed there live on. It is whispered that some foul spirit lingers, tied to a curse and unable to depart. Maybe one day somebody will have the pluck and luck to find the cursed relic and remove it from the asylum, releasing the ghost to rest in peace. Maybe that day is today. And maybe that somebody is you...

The Asylum is a small dice-based solitaire game. Each time a room is entered for the first time, a relic is found and dice are assigned for future moves. The player must complete three tasks to gain the clues that will identify the cursed relic. Then they must get that relic and escape from the asylum, all using the limited dice rolls available. Extra rolls are available by locking the room, but this shuts down the possibilities for future movement. And once the ghost is alerted to your presence it comes after you. If you get caught or trapped then you lose the game.

Custom 3D Board

Image Credit: Cheryl Lion

Image Credit: Rachel Bruner