Doomgloom Dungeon

Number of Players: Solo

Game Time: 10-15 minutes

Components: 64 cards, one 20-sided die

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The dungeons of Doomgloom are said to be treacherous, in fact, those “brave adventurers” who’ve said “Doomgloom dungeon? No problem.” have never been seen again.

No one knows what lies in Doomgloom dungeon as no one has ever returned to tell the tale but you’re about to change all that. Having trained for many years and been through many adventures you think it’s time you tackled the ultimate adventure that is Doomgloom Dungeon.

Doomgloom Dungeon is a light and quick solo 'card dungeon crawler' that will take around 10 to 15 minutes to play. You will be playing cards and rolling dice in order to beat the various Dungeon cards that appear.

Cards from the game

Image Credit: MadLad Designs (game designer)