Helionox: The Last Sunset

Number of Players: Solo - 4

Game Time: 30-60 minutes

Components: Various (refer to rulebook)

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Free Print and Play - Helionox: The Last Sunset

*NOTE - The game rules also include instructions for the Mercury Protocol expansion. However, the print and play files are limited to Helionox: The Last Sunset and do not include any components from the Mercury Protocol expansion.

Helionox: The Last Sunset is a deck-building strategy game set in the distant future. Players compete for “influence” by obtaining powerful technology and operatives, overcoming social and environmental events, and establishing embassies on a variety of different worlds. On their turn, players purchase cards from the market with “credits” and integrate these cards into their deck for use later in the game. Players can also choose to overcome one or more of the disastrous events spreading across the human colonies by spending “defense” points gained by the cards that they purchase. Players continue building increasingly powerful combinations of cards to acquire influence points on subsequent turns. But time is limited! Once the last card of the “event deck” is played, the game is over. The player with the most influence at the end wins.

Image Credit: Ania B. Ziolkowska