Jasper and Zot

Number of Players: Solo

Game Time: 30 minutes

Components: Game board, 60 tokens, score chart, 2 six-sided dice

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Free Print and Play - Jasper and Zot

*NOTE - a Carnivorous Plants redesign by Rachel Bruner can also be found HERE.

Jasper and Zot is a one player game about two old, feuding wizards. The White Mage Jasper is quite the famous gardener and his pumpkins always win the blue ribbon at the local faire. His long-time adversary and neighbor, Zot the Necromancer, who is not good at growing living things, has summoned an army of the undead to smash all of Jasper's prize-winning pumpkins. Help Jasper defend his pumpkins by turning Zot's shambling minions into delicate white flowers and then burning them to ash!

Game play borrows heavily from classic arcade games such as Space Invaders and Puyo Pop. The player moves Jasper horizontally along the garden path while casting spells to either transform the approaching zombies into flowers or ignite those flowers and any nearby zombies with magical fire. The more you destroy with a single spell, the more points you earn. If you can survive both waves of Zot's undead army, you win the game and earn a score based on how well you did.

Jasper and Zot won first place in the one full-sheet label game design contest on BoardGameGeek.com.

Image Credit: Nick Hayes (game designer)