Mephisto: The Card Game

Number of Players: Solo - 4

Game Time: 20-40 minutes

Components: 72 cards

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*NOTE - The game rules can be found with the card files (the rules pages are card-sized)

In Mephisto: The Card Game you play as one of the power hungry adventurers who has made a pact with the archdemon Mephistopheles. The deal is simple. Collect the souls of monsters you encounter in the dungeon and receive unholy strength in return. The catch is: You aren't the only contestant seeking his gift, but only one of you will receive it. Be the player with the most souls by the end of the day or be doomed to serve Mephisto for eternity!

Mephisto is played with a single deck of cards — making it incredibly easy to set up and begin playing. Players will need to manage their hand of weapons, items, spells and monsters as they explore the dungeon for souls to collect. Cards are multi-use, meaning that any card in your hand can be used as a resource or for its printed ability. For instance, a monster in your hand may be spent to equip a powerful weapon or it can be summoned into the dungeon for you to fight on a later turn. Weapon and item cards have durability that degrades over time, requiring smart play to maximize their potential.

Image Credit: Dylan Mangini