Paper 'Mech

Number of Players: Solo

Game Time: 20-40 minutes

Components: Playsheet, pencil & eraser, 12 cubes, 6 six-sided dice

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Free Print and Play - Paper 'Mech

Paper 'Mech is a solitaire game where you play a lone 'mech pilot tasked with holding off 4 waves of attackers, each successive wave increasing in difficulty.

Every action in the game has an associated time cost, with the more complex or powerful actions requiring a larger amount of time to perform. Your enemies also choose actions with varying time costs so the strategy comes in choosing actions wisely to best deal with impending threats.

Attack actions can also be hasted, which reduces the time cost but incurs a penalty to their accuracy - the more hastily you execute an attack, the more erratic your aim will be.

Attacks are resolved by throwing a number of dice equal to the power of the attack - each dice which exceeds the armour value of the target causes a point of damage. The performance of your 'mech will degrade as damage is received but you get the opportunity to repair in between enemy waves.

There are currently 13 weapons to choose from, with 4 mounting points on your 'mech so there is plenty of variety to be found - you can also beef up the armour on your legs and torso but watch out for your overall weight! If you exceed the maximum it will slow down all your actions.

In addition to the rules and play sheet, you will need the following to play the game:

A pencil

An eraser

12 cubes (3 each of 4 different colours)

1 dice of a particular colour (suggest red)

1 dice of a different colour (suggest blue)

Several dice of another different colour (ideally 6-8, suggest white)

Image Credit: Shaun Austin

Image Credit: Gauthier