Pocket Civ

Number of Players: Solo - 2

Game Time: 30 minutes

Components: Event Cards, pencil & paper (board optional)

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Description from BGG:

"A Solitaire Civilization game that's compact enough to play on a plane."

Pocket Civ is a print and play game that provides a solo or two-player civilization experience. Pocket Civ comes in two flavors, Deluxe and Basic. Basic refers to the barest, stripped down version that you play with the deck of provided cards, and a pad of paper and a pencil. This version is very portable. However, if you want a more boardgame-like experience, you can download all the other artwork, and mount it on cardboard, illustration board (my new favorite mounting material) or foam core.

The starting layout can be set up randomly, or for an additional challenge, one of the author's predefined Scenarios can be used.

Using tribes to expand your civilization, create cities, buy advances, build wonders and go on expeditions, while preparing for the devastation that random events will bring. Only with careful planning and a little luck will your empire stand the test of time.

Image Credit: Blake Phillips

Image Credit: Blake Phillips