Star Trek: The Dice Game

Number of Players: Solo

Game Time: 45-90 minutes

Components: Various (refer to rulebook)

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Free Print and Play - Star Trek: The Dice Game

In Star Trek: The Dice Game you alone are responsible for the Starfleet crew members aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise during its five year mission of exploration. In order to succeed you will need to complete missions and overcome the unpredictable challenges that may arise during them. If you complete the full five years of exploration you will return to Starfleet Headquarters in glory and be promoted to Admiral. But beware; as you travel ever further from Federation space the challenges and constraints you face will grow more and more extreme. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Winner of the 2016 Golden Geek award for Best Print and Play Boardgame, Star Trek: the Dice Game is a solo worker placement dice game.


Image Credit: MadLad Designs