Welcome to Dino World (Basic Version)

Number of Players: Solo - 75!!

Game Time: 40-70 minutes

Components: Pencil and eraser, 42 cards, game sheets, at least 3 six-sided dice

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Free Print and Play - Welcome to Dino World (Basic Version)

Build and manage your own dinosaur park in this strategic roll and write game for 1 or more players.

Roll dice, draw pens and try not to let any dinosaurs escape!

Each turn players share an expanding dice pool to work through three phases: add dinosaurs and buildings to the park, draw paths connecting attractions to the entrance, and control dinosaurs attempting to escape.

The game ends whenever a player runs out of space in their park, or has had too many dinosaurs escape.

The player with the most fame from dinosaurs/attractions and the fewest penalties from breakouts is the winner!

Image Credit: Sir Sean